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    If it can be imagined
    it can be made

    From concept to realization,

    we design solutions for all branches of industry.

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    Turning big ideas
    into great products

    We are a world-class team of designers

    and industrial engineers.

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    We cover a wide range of
    industrial production

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    urządzenia do pomiaru szczelności
    We are a supplier of leak measurement devices. Thanks to the independent realization of all production stages. From project design through calculation and studies via welding and machining to electrical and automatic engineering.
    odzysk helu
    We provide professional service of equipment and machines - our company vghp for many years has been specializing in servicing of various types of equipment as well as complete production lines.
    leak test
    We are dealing with equipment construction and modernization of machines - starting from designing, through implementation and service. We also run an online shop.
    pomiar i badanie szczelności
    Thanks to many years of experience and excellent technical facilities, we are able to carry out any project according to your needs.
    testy szczelności
    Conducted with leak testing techniques according to en473 in cooperation with tuev rheinland polska.

    About the company

    We are a dynamically developing company, specializing in creating prototypical and specialized equipment, modernization and service.

    By gathering all the production stages from design, calculation, programming, electrical engineering, welding, processing and assembly in our plant, we are able to control each of the steps, which ensures the highest quality of our products. Our advantage is the undertaking of so-called “difficult projects”. Thanks to the experience of our team, we offer our customers sublime designs and equipment.


    Idea - Procejct - Implementation - Service