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    About the company

    We are a dynamically developing company, specializing in creating prototypical and specialized equipment, modernization and service. By gathering all the production stages from design, calculation, programming, electrical engineering, welding, processing and assembly in our plant, we are able to control each of the steps, which ensures the highest quality of our products.

    Our advantage is the undertaking of so-called “difficult projects”. Thanks to the experience of our team, we offer our customers sublime designs and equipment.

    Our company specializes in the production of devices for leak measurement and gas recovery. Moreover, we offer the installation of vacuum dryers and degassing systems. We supply equipment for almost all industries, primarily for the automotive, energy, aviation, marine, military, food, white goods and other sectors.

    What do we provide ?
    Kompleskowa oferta
    Comprehensive offer
    We provide our customers
    with full realization, from design
    to execution in one place.
    Kompletne doradztwo
    Consulting services
    We select the most cost-effective
    solutions and adjust them
    to the customer's expectations.
    Ekspercka wiedza
    Knowledge of expertise
    We are happy to provide advice,
    based on experience that helps
    in selecting the right solutions.
    Zachęcające warunki
    Attractive conditions
    We provide our customers with
    a very good ratio of the quality of services
    and products offered by us to the price.
    Fachowe podejście
    Professional approach
    We will do our best to perform
    the tasks assigned to us with the utmost care
    and within the set time.
    Wsparcie technologiczne
    Technological support
    Thanks to the use of new technologies,
    we are able to make investments in Europe.
    What distinguishes us ?
    Kompleskowa oferta
    Experienced team
    We carry out individual projects,
    that requires a great deal of commitment.
    Nowatorskie technologie
    Innovative technologies
    We use innovative technological solutions.
    Ekologiczne nastawienie
    Green approach
    We use environmentally safe solutions.
    Sprawdzeni fachowcy
    Proven specialists
    We cooperate with the
    leading leaders in the industry.
    i.e. Inficon, Ebars, Eurovacuum.
    We have a production facility
    for efficient machine building and expertise.
    Działalność międzynarodowa
    International activities
    We work for leading brands
    and we invest in Europe.
    Our passion is for creation, our expertise is in engineering. From idea to design, realization and service for almost all industri